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Step 1 - Get Bitcoin or Ethereum from an Exchange, Eg Coinbase

Register a Coinbase or Localbitcoins.com account and buy Bitcoin, Etheruem, or any altcoin

Step 2 - Choose the Altcoin you want to buy on Altcoinswap.org and enter the BTC or any coin, enter the amount for your purchase

To select the altcoin you want to buy, click the default "ETH" and search for the altcoin, enter the BTC amount you want to use for your purchase.

Step 3 - Enter the Altcoin address (Trust Wallet and Exodus wallet support multiple cryptocurrencies), pay with BTC, ETH, and more.

You would need a wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies (Trustwallet and Exodus wallet), download it, and get the coin address, the next step is to make your payment in BTC, ETH, or any coin you choose for your purchase.